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Energy Law Services More Vitally Important Today Than Ever

Energy companies find themselves in need of trusted representation from counsel who understand the complex issues emerging in this rapidly evolving industry. Dawson Springman combines its legal expertise with a thorough understanding of the technical, strategic and financial issues facing the industry in order to provide successful and cost-effective representation of its clients’ interests.

At Dawson Springman, our areas of oil and gas expertise consist of a full range of legal and commercial services, including:

  • Title examination and due diligence
  • Energy law transactions
  • Negotiations
  • Litigation

Thorough, Timely Title Examinations

At Dawson Springman, we consider the preparation of well-researched title opinions to be the critical foundation of any successful oil or gas venture. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in the following:

  • Examining titles and preparing title opinions
  • Drilling proposals and operations
  • Division orders to split up land for different purposes
  • Financing arrangements
  • Purchase and lease acquisitions of land and/or mineral rights

We examine urban shale lots and rural properties for exploration and recovery of oil and gas.

Clean, Timely Energy Transactions

The lawyers at Dawson Springman handle all phases of acquisitions and divestitures of producing properties in transactions of all sizes. We assist our clients in preparing a wide range of transactional documents, including operating agreements, participation agreements, joint ventures, farm-outs, area of mutual interest agreements, and other instruments and documents required for conveyances or assignments of mineral interests.

Additionally, we assist our clients with the due diligence necessary to conclude a sale by reviewing instruments and documents required for each closing on an energy transaction. We represent operators as well as non-operators in preparing and interpreting participation agreements and operating agreements.

Energy Litigation To Protect Your Interests

Dawson Springman serves a diverse cross section of oil and gas industry players, including:

  • Major oil companies
  • Service companies
  • Large and small independent operators

Attorneys at Dawson Springman are ready to provide quality litigation to their clients because of their practical industry background in oil, gas and other energy industries, coupled with their experience and skill in litigation. In doing so, our team is equipped to provide clients with a decided advantage in achieving cost-effective results in trial, contested case proceedings, mediations and negotiations.

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