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Plan Your Estate

Whether you hope to put your own estate plan in order or you are responsible for administering someone else’s estate as an executor, personal representative or trustee, you need quality legal counsel. A knowledgeable estate law attorney can help you avoid common mistakes, preserve assets and strengthen a legacy.

At Dawson Springman, we are local, effective and pragmatic advocates for our clients and the estates they must manage. Our advice and representation can give you peace of mind as you make key decisions and create documents that will have a long-term impact on your family or other beneficiaries.

Understand Your Goals And Take The Steps That Will Lead You On The Right Path

Every client’s situation is unique, but each has the same ultimate goal – to develop the best possible plan for protecting their family today and in the future. At Dawson Springman, we provide custom estate plans, tailoring our services to fit our clients’ distinctive personal and business situations. We also guide clients who have duties in front of them for settling loved ones’ estates.

Our attorneys regularly advise clients on a wide variety of estate planning matters, including:

  • Wills for simple and complex estates
  • Trusts, including special needs trusts, living trusts and educational trusts
  • Sell-determination documents, such as advance directives, medical and durable powers of attorney, the election of guardians and more
  • Guardianships
  • Strategic titling of real estate
  • Business succession plans, including business agreements between partners for closely-held businesses

We are here to help ensure that your documentation lines up with your intentions as you put your estate plan together. If you are handling probate for a family member or someone else, we will help you avoid allegations of neglect of your fiduciary duties.

Let Us Hear About Your Estate Law Concerns

When all goes well, estate planning is highly satisfying areas of our law practice. Proper procedures can protect entire generations in our clients’ families. Likewise, when trouble arises in the form of a will contest or another type of trust or estate litigation, we work hard to resolve any dispute while protecting our clients’ interests and honoring the wishes of the deceased.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you achieve your goals and use the laws about estates and estate administration to your benefit. Call us at 817-873-1462 or 432-255-5549 or send a message online and we will respond promptly.